Working on the design of the book for Mario Troiani was the experience that I most wanted to live throughout my career.
I do not remember such an intense experience of collaboration between client, who then becomes a future and dear friend, and mine, a "dinosaur" graphic designer, with a long mileage of experience and projects in the most varied field of graphic design sectors.
This book was born between sympathy, esteem, friendship and desire to create a fantastic testimony: Mario's personal photographic experience through the endless streets of TelAviv, with colors and people, aromas and noises and so much magical atmosphere of a city that never sleeps.
Having received maximum freedom of expression, Mario sent me to compose a story of photos and comments of friends, a story that is bright and alive forever.
So it also says in the title.
This book exists in digital print version or in POD version, produced at the time of order and shipped to the user.

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